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Blogging As A Business Is Stupid

Well, that’s the comment I just heard from one of my friends. Yep…he said, blogging as a business is stupid Lisa. Oh yea? How much money do you make per month in front of your computer,...
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Women Are Top Social Media Users

One more time, women are climbing the ladder. It appears from a new study, 50% of Americans are using social media; and the top users are women. Social Media Study The Pew Internet and American Life...

Tumblr is Valued at $800 Million: Too Much?

If you are using Tumblr, you should be aware that it is a unique platform that combines blogging and social media. Did you know that – According to The Wall Street Journal – it is valued...
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Got a TeraCent? Want One?

Nope, it’s not some new form of money. I know you were hoping maybe it was. Teracent is a brilliant way to discover the power of one on one marketing. Even though it’s not technically...
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How to Get more Twitter Retweets: Stop Talking about Yourself!

Stop talking about yourself!“I am visiting London, UK,” “I am going to buy that new Porche!” and such no longer impress your Twitter followers and your other social network....

5 Steps to Better Blogging

Once the sole domain of computer geeks and early adopters, blogging has evolved over the past decade to something between social media and journalism. Depending on the type of blog you operate, your...
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Niche or Generic – The Blog Dilemma That Plagues Every Blogger and How to Deal With It

Niche or generic?You are ready to take the plunge in to blogosphere, raring to go with oodles of enthusiasm and lots of ideas? You know you have a lot to offer your readers and are about to launch...
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Search is Still A Top Activity For Internet Users

If you are thinking seo and ranking in Google are going by the way side; think again. Search and email are still the top activities for Internet users. Search is Still A Top Activity For Internet Users We...