blogging tips

5 Ways To Make Sure You Cannot Be A Successful Blogger

How to be an unsuccessful blogger It takes years to establish as a reputed blogger but it takes only a few days if not few minutes to lose them all. Sometimes, it is not just the failure to keep the...
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say no

Big Fat Blog No-No!!

You all know there are many, many blog no-no’s; but one in particular stands out, at least for me. This is my big, fat blog no-no. Multiple posts per day. Okay, pick your jaw up off the floor...
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buzz-worthy content

Discover How to Create Buzz-Worthy Content

How to get your content buzzed around the web Are you scratching your head, wondering how to create content that will generate that all-important buzz? Successful corporate blogging captures readers’...
stock images

Stock Images for your Blog – Yes or No

Are stock images the right choice for your blog posts? so, you have been publishing great articles for your website but lol, the engagement of the users are still far from being impressive. The number...
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The Pinterest Craze is Here – Have You Signed Up?

Pinterest is the next big thing in social media I first hear about Pinterest some months ago, but not really interested to see what’s in it. I instead check out on, also a new social...
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seo is spam

SEO = Spam?

SEO - a spam or not? There’s a bit of controversy happening about Google and SEO – it’s Jonathan Rockway, a relatively new Google employees that make statements like “SEO isn’t...
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cloud blogging

Blogging in the Cloud: Tools and Tips

Blogging in the cloud Have you ever heard of “the cloud” or “cloud computing”? Yep, those two are probably two of the most buzzed fancy words in the web today. What is cloud...
blogging business

3 Tips on Blogging for SEO Purposes

Blogging for SEO - some tips When you are blogging there will be times that you need to write a blog post with SEO purposes. It’s always challenging to write well when you consider SEO in your...
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