guest blogging tips

How to Get the Best Out of Your Blog through Guest Blogging Tricks

How to make guest blogging works? Blogging is no longer about keeping an online diary. It has become a platform for views and a way to self market yourself. Most guest blogs are penned with the motive...
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tax preparation for blogger

Why Bloggers Should Give a Damn about Taxes

Bloggers need to prepare taxes, too! The income you earn as a blogger can come from several different sources. You might earn direct income from selling products through your blog, or you might make...
blogging career tips

How SEO, Hosting and Social Media Can Have An Impact on your Blogging Career

SEO, hosting and social media – important for your blogging careers You have been publishing great content for the past few months and you are very much satisfied with the outcome. The number...
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the new ipad review

Why should you get the new iPad?

Should I get one of these? One of the most expected Apple events of the year just wrapped up about a week ago, and the internet is now buzzing with news about the new iPad (especially on why Apple...
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blogging mistakes

Avoid These 5 Common Blogging Mistakes

Blogging mistakes to avoid Many businesses understand the importance of blogging, and have integrated it into their online marketing practices. Blogging is a great way to build reputation and achieve...
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blogging tips

Write for the readers – How to Do it Like a Pro

Tips on how to blog for your readers Readers are the meat and drink of your blog. They keep your blog kicking and thriving and without them, you blog will be turned into a non-entity. So, it is of...
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