traffic techniques

Master A Few Of These Traffic Techniques And Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

Image feministjulie / Flickr When you bake cookies you only want to make a few and they will be huge. If you spread the dough too thin you maybe have more cookies, but they are so small they do nothing...
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blog happy

Tips for Finding Blogging Happiness

photo: tarop via Flickr Being a blogger is one of the toughest jobs as well as a challenging one. In one hand the commitment to publish a certain amount of materials every week or fortnight, and also...
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bad design

Top Eight Web Design Mistakes Found on Blogs

Image by fontplaydotcom / Flickr If you want to be the proud owner of a popular blog, you by no means need to be a web design expert. The wonders of WordPress have all but ensured this. You do however...
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little stalker

The Why and the How of Stalking One Great Blogger for Guest Posting Opportunity

Image by BigTallGuy / Flickr If you’re too busy looking for websites to guest post on, creating lists and editing spreadsheets, sending emails to the webmasters (bored with the same template...
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Holidays and Blogging: How to maintain the balance?

Image by jp_ryan / Flickr Introduction: For an active blogger, holidays and vacations are times which provide a rich variety of themes and ideas to work upon. These clashes with the traditional view...
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blogging mistakes

Biggest Business Blogging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Image by cqarbiano / Stock.XCHG When executed correctly, business blogging can help you increase sales and build up your customer base considerably. You can draw in more potential clients that have...
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writing corner

How to Write Accurately to a Word Limit

Image by chapendra / Flickr Bloggers and webmasters need to have a range of different skills and abilities and these will range greatly from person to person. However one of the skills that is absolutely...
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