About Lisa

the friendly blogger About me huh? Well, my name is Lisa and I founded The Friendly Blogger to help people learn the basics of seo, traffic generation and link building.

My Journey

My journey started out like many people in the Internet Marketing business. I bought into all the hype and hoopla of making a kazillion dollars while I went to fold the towels. It’s just not the case.

After walking away at the end of 2009, disgusted and aggravated, I thought I should give it another whirl. What a world of difference some research and social engagement makes!

Birth of Friendly Blogger

I put away all the old wounds and scars and started to focus in on the real world of blogging. Got me a custom domain name and started getting my name out in the blogosphere. I stayed on the Blogger platform I was accustomed to and worked on practical traffic techniques and link building. I have learned a lot along the way and met some amazing people.

But now the time had come to put on my big girl pants and move over to WordPress and get serious about this eventual empire I was working on building. :) And here I am today at WP, working out the kinks and putting it all together to help other people avoid making the same mistakes I made. If I can help you avoid wasting your time then I see it as a success.

My Goals

I hope to build this into a successful blog and one day, one mighty fine day, do this full time. You know what? that day will come and it can for you to if you put in the work and implement all the tips and techniques you learn. To our continued success…


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