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If you are just starting out as a blogger, you will quickly learn the importance of a constant flow of fresh content. You cannot be successful, earn traffic and keep readers interested if you simply decide to post every once in a while. Having a blog is a responsibility that should not be taken likely. When you start one, you have to be committed to the content.

Many people struggle finding the inspiration to write daily, others want to write but they just don’t know where to begin. Below are sources that will help with keeping your blog fresh.

News Topics

Nearly everyone is interested in what’s going on in the news either on a local or international level. The news is all around you. Don’t limit yourself to internet or paper sources, go out and find it for yourself. If there’s a charity run in your neighborhood, that’s news! If you see a car accident or are stuck in traffic, this is also news! Of course, the news you use has to be relevant to your blog but you get the picture.

Keep in mind, anytime you pull news from internet sources, there’s a good chance a majority of your subscribers have already read it elsewhere. You want new information that hasn’t been recycled a dozen different times before you whenever possible.

Follow the Trends

Reporting on trending topics can be both good and bad. If you have learned the information early enough and can repost it before every other blog does, this is good for you. If you learn about something after it’s been tweeted, retweeted and shared numerous times, there’s really no point in covering the topic unless you can bring something new to the article.

If you do choose to grab ideas from social networking sites or forms, be very careful not to get caught up in discussions like so many do. It’s great to offer an opinion but it is easy to get wrapped up for hours debating a topic which is not making the most of your time.

Be Creative

When you find hot posts, rework them! You have to be very careful that they don’t come across as copycats and you certainly don’t want to raise any red flags in the duplicate department but you can take good content and put it into your own words. Don’t be afraid to rewrite an article with an entirely different approach or with a point of view that disagrees with the original content if you have a different opinion.

If you are struggling with keeping your blog fresh, you are definitely not alone but it doesn’t have to be as hard as you’re making it. There are sources all around you if you are open to them. Not all posts have to be articles either, write a product review or share a picture or a video if you’re short on time one day, just make sure that you supply some sort of content to your readers.

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