Hiring a Writer has Saved My Blog

why hire a writer

Hiring writers is the key to leverage your blogging resources

Running my own blog has proven to be quite a difficult chore. I set up my own business from home offering personal assistant services to professionals all over the world. Although I have experience in writing, one problem I found was keeping on top of my own blog.

Building Strong Customer Relations

I recognise that blogging is a wonderful way of reaching out to your visitors and an effective way of helping to build trust in potential customers. Showing off my expertise, writing styles and blogging about the various services I provide has helped me to convert past visitors into paying clients. Not only does the blog provide me with a great way of reaching out to my audience, it is also used for search engine optimisation. 

The SEO Benefits of Blogging

SEO and blogs live very comfortably together. I have spent many months building up my blog, adding fresh URLs and placing links into my website and I have noticed positive results from it. Social media is also the bloggers friend too as each post you create can be posted directly onto your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus profiles. I also use pinging sites to further spread links all over the Internet to help boost my rankings.

Keeping the Blog Up-to-Date

This all sounds all well and good, and it is, until suddenly I had far too much work on my shoulders which meant that my blog suddenly became a bit of a ghost town. It wasn’t long before my traffic greatly reduced and with that I noticed a lot less enquiries coming and fewer clients being taken on. Although I had regular work I did have aspirations of taking on employees and building up a larger virtual assistant enterprise in the future.

Without enquiries and new clients I would just be stuck working by myself, and should my regular clients no longer need my assistance I would need to spend time working on my blog once more to find replacements.

Hiring a Writer is Very Cost Effective

So I decided that I needed some help with my blog. I looked into copywriting services and found that for very little outlay it was possible to have a writer create regular blog posts for me on my behalf. The small weekly outlay was nothing compared to the value it provided.  To start with I asked for one blog post to be produced on a weekly basis. Looking at my past analytics I decided which day was most beneficial to post each blog and set up a schedule so the content would be published at the same time each week.

Connecting my blog to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn also meant that as soon as the blog was published links were sent out to my social networking sites, meaning I could just concentrate on my work rather than spending time distributing the links.

Now I have asked the writer to produce two blog posts a week. The cost is still minimal and well worth the outlay seeing as my traffic has regained its consistency and once more I am receiving more enquiries into my services. I am finding it so much easier to stay on top of my work without worrying about the performance of the blog weighing heavily on my shoulders.

If you are worried about your blog and finding managing the content difficult contact copywriting services for a free quote.


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