Mobile Ads Will Dominate 2012

mobile marketing, mobile ads, text adsInevitably at the end of a year, predictions for the coming year can be found everywhere. The predominate theme at the end of this 2011 is that mobile ads will dominate in 2012.

Mobile Ads

Of the world’s population 77% of consumers now have a mobile phone. To reach consumers where they are, ad funded apps will be the next new thing, and building engaging, interesting experiences that put consumers at the center and help them complete tasks will be critical.

On any given day, I can tell you that I receive numerous texts disguised as ads. I am waiting for bloggers to jump on board and send me their latest posts via text. I check text messages 10x more often then emails and Im’s. Facebook, I check throughout the day via mobile, but to really get my attention; send me a text.

Internet Marketers using PPC or Facebook ads already know the power of this traffic. Email marketing is taking a second seat to mobile marketing. As a blogger, creating innovative ways to drive traffic to your site is paramount. You have simply got to stand out from the crowd. I’ll tell you now, if I saw a text ad reading, “traffic generation cafe hot new post,” I’d be all over it. Why? Because I would subscribe to that campaign in 2 seconds flat.

I dont want ads from people I have not allowed to text me, but those I have, bring it on. Most mobile plans offer unlimited texting plans, so cost to both parties is minimal. Albeit the cost of the mCommerce plan. Check out the link below to hear Google’s take on the matter and their own mobile marketing plans.

Google’s Mobile


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