Oddball Ways that For You to Increase Efficiency When Writing

When you are working from home, especially if you are in the Internet marketing business, there are many things that can get in your way when you are trying to get a lot of volume writing done while maintaining high quality. If you are someone that maintains that a lot of writing should come from you hand, then follow the tips givin by this article and you should see your writing production increase by 10 fold.

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Breaking the Habit

When you get into the groove of your daily activities, your work day becomes your habit. Sometimes when you start working for a long period of time, especially when a large part of your job includes writing articles on a daily basis. Sometimes your work day can also revolve around a lot of bad habits.

Kick the Internet

The Internet is every single writers best friend and worst enemy. So much power research can be done a daily basis making it a lot easier to get every thing you need to get done – done, in a very efficient manner. Unfortunately however, the Internet is loaded with a lot of time wasting web sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and a whole slue of other sites that can keep you entertained for hours a day.

Reading blog posts is another way that people in the volume writing business – usually associated with some type of SEO – can waste a lot of time. Even though these blog posts sometimes provide great resources and ideas for you to write about, they are more than likely causing you to procrastinate your writing for a little bit of blog reading entertainment.

Solution: Kick the Internet. Try going a couple of days writing with your Internet turned off. You won’t be tempted to check your email, Facebook, or Twitter every 10 seconds during the day.

Go to a Public Place

You’ll be amazed at what you can get done with your writing at a public library. A lot of the times the computers are a lot slower, the Internet connections a lot more fuzzy, the computers a lot older and it just makes you want to focus in one what you are writing. Surfing the Internet doesn’t even seem like fun when you are on one of these dinosaur machines. Other places include the Laundromat, and even your girlfriends house! The key is to get out of your usual work flow so that you can mix it up a bit and so that your brain can feel new and refreshed.

Work with Someone

Even if it means with your significant other! You will find that when you are working with someone else and each of you are trying to reach a goal for that day that you will be able to get a lot more done. This is because you will be pushing each other and you will be able to rely on the other to keep you motivated and bust through your “writer’s block.” Plus you can bounce ideas off of each other through out the day.

Writing with The iPad

Are you on the Subway or the Metro and you are on your way into the city? Learning to type on the iPad can be difficult at first, but after a you learn how to adapt it n be quite efficient. This is especially true for long car rides and trips where you have nothing better to do. They are also great for when you are watching movies in bed or are out to eat at a restaurant. The beautiful thing about writing for a living is that you can usually do it wherever, whenever and however. The iPad really helps when it comes to writing conveniently when you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

This article was written by Jet Russell. Jet helps to provide monthly seo for a company that provides SEO services at www.inetzeal.net. In his spare time he likes to write articles about SEO and SEM.


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