Procrastinate Your Way to No Money

I enjoy finding blogs which educate the masses. I have found that once again in What a powerful blog!

I was perusing the net for tried and true marketing techniques when I found this exceptional post on procrastination. Not too many internet marketers have blogged on this topic. The article is to the point straight forward. We all have experienced procrastination at one point or another. How we manage to pull ourselves out of this is what really matters. We are not going to be successful if we just sit back and watch others climb the success ladder.

That is one of the things I really enjoyed about this article. The authors have dug deep and tried to discern the root of the problem regarding procrastination. They did not simply say, “don’t procrastinate.” They are providing viable real solutions to assist us everyday. Here is the article for you to determine if you procrastinate!


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  1. unmaskd
    June 28, 2010 at 10:29 pm #

    The best way to fight off procrastination bug that I know of is to face a simple truth. We all know about it, but the way our brains are wired we tend to forget it. Yet, once in a while this brutal option is very efficient:

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