How To Sell Your Website

sell your website, how to sell website, where to sell websiteLooking at past history, website sales can be quite lucrative. Imagine if you will, Facebook being sold right now. Huge bucks right? So what if you don’t own a Facebook? How to  sell your website and get a fair price for it? There are a few key components for getting a fair $$ for your website.

Key Factors In Selling Websites

These factors are not written in stone or absolutes. These come form personal experience, having sold several websites; specifically blogs myself. It started out as no easy task and I learned a few things along the way.

  • You must have quality.  Bottom line, junk site…junk money. Junk sites can be sold and resold for about $10 and that’s not what you are looking for here. Be sure to build a quality site, no matter what niche and you will find you can make much more then your initial investment.  quality means, original content, decent backlinks and a great design.
  • Trafffic. Now this one is relative. I have sold some sites that have very little traffic, I’m talking 10-20 visitors a day. These are not high dollar sales, but certainly double my investment. Some buyers are looking for a site they can expand upon and build their own traffic. On the flip side, there are buyers who want high traffic sites that are already established.
  • Time. This means it’s tough to make a decent dollar if you build a site today and put it up for sale tomorrow. You need to establish some time in your site. I’m not talking years either. I sold a site for $XXXX after 6 months. So it’s just timing it right and utilizing that time correctly. Taking quality for example, make those 6 months count!
  • Niche. Make sure your site is described properly and in the right niche. Believe me, there are buyers out there looking for quilt pattern sites and these can be a quick sell for you. Niche specific sites that is, rather then say a general Quilts site. Narrow your market down and you will see the dividends pay off.

Where to Sell Your Website

There are lots of places that claim to be able to sell your website, however, I have found a few tried and true places. These are places I have sold my websites and buyers are reputable and trustworthy. There are 3 places in particular I prefer to list my sites and I would highly suggest you do the same.

  • Digital Point Forums
  • Flippa
  • Rouper

Digital Point is free to list and the other two have a small listing fee as well as a sell fee. The fees are nominal. One thing to remember is that your site does not have to generate an income to sell it. Of course if your site does make some money, the better off you are, so long as you show proof. I have seen buyers looking for sites that make only $1 a day; so chances are, you can sell yours.

The best advice I can give is to make sure you build a quality, creative and interesting site. Same goes for forums and directories. Make sure they are not spammy, generic sites and you will surely see a nice return on investment. One day you might just be selling that Facebook site of yours!


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