6 Tips For Marketing Your Blog for Free: A Solid Plan

 How many times have you clicked on an ad? Hundreds? Thousands? It’s no secret that advertising pays. And the common theory is you must PAY to advertise. Well, if you are new in the game of Internet Marketing and learning SEO and keyword relevance as I am, and you don’t have a lot of start up cash, there are alternatives. Marketing your blog for free is a solid plan that helps initiate cash flow. Some people will say, you get what you pay for. While this holds true, free advertising is a very viable solution for many people to get started. yes it will take a little longer to build a following, but it will happen.

Let me tell you the story of this blog; CopyNProfit Marketing.  I started out not really knowing a thing about online marketing. I created the blog using the Blogger platform, put in some cute gadgets and some affiliate links. now, on Blogger, your blog has no rank in Alexa, so you are just out in space somewhere. I started by using articles that I found online and didn’t really change them all that much. BAD IDEA. Google wants fresh content. Period. So, I began writing my own posts and not being lazy. Then I submitted to the search engines. As my blog got indexed, I acquired a rank in Alexa.  My first ranking number was 22, 745,000. Horrible!

I did not have start up cash so I researched free advertising methods. Using only free advertising, I have now got my blog a much better Alexa rank and it continues to improve. . For free advertising, I find this a success, as the number keeps getting better. Obviously I want to get the blog out of the millions and it will happen. I just keep utilizing the tools I have found. Following is a list of the 6 best free methods of advertising for your blog or website.

1.)  Submit to as many free search engines as you can. Remember to only submit once a month or every other as spamming will penalize you.

2.) Write fresh content relevant to your niche. If you have a marketing blog, do not write about Christmas trees! Keyword relevance is imperative. If your article title is about gaining traffic, then your key points should be how to do that.

3.) TWITTER!  I can’t stress this enough. It is totally free free free and the response can be massive. Create a following in your niche and develop business contacts. Tweet about your blog and the readers will come. The more you solve problems through your blog, the more they will return and subscribe.

4.) Safelists.  Now, some people do not agree with safelist marketing, but I find it quite helpful as a free option. Join some safelists and send out emails about your blog. Tell people in the emails that you have answers they need. The main benefit here is that you are not trying to sell them something right off rip. You just need them to visit your blog.

5.) Comment comment comment.   If you read other blogs that interest you or help you, comment on that blog. Every comment is a FREE back link to your blog. This also inserts you into the community and gets your name out there. On the same token, link to other people’s blogs. This helps them and they may give you a mention!

6.) Guest Posts.   If a high profile blogger accepts guest posts, get on the horn and contact them. This helps their blog with fresh content as well as gets people to see you. ALWAYS follow the blogger’s guidelines and write articulate, relevant content for their site.

And most of all, have fun. You may have times where you get discouraged, but persistence and motivation are the keys.
 What free methods have you implemented to help market your blog?


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  1. eva st marie
    July 27, 2010 at 8:04 am #

    it's true that free means of advertising can help you out. Thanks for the tips!

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