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Top 2 WordPress Editing Plug Ins

We all know that proper grammar and spelling make our blog posts more reputable. We are trying to build a brand here and poor grammar can greatly affect that goal. So, I looked into some useful tools...
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Churning out eZine Content; Your Own That Is

Churning out your own content can be a challenge if you publish your own online newsletter or eZine. However, regardless of the topic you are publishing on, content can be generally divided into four...
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Blog Riffing; Say What?!

When I think about riffs, I think about Eric Clapton shredding upĀ  the stage with some sweet riffs on “Layla.” I don’t usually think of blog riffing. So what is this thing I speak...

7 Ways to Generate Endless Ideas for New Blog Post

I've Got It!! Hi everyone!!! I am thrilled to be staying on and writing for Ivan with The Friendly Blogger. As most of you know, it was a tough decision for me, but I think it worked out beautifully...