seo 2013

Working SEO Techniques For 2013 To Increase The Ranking

Search engine optimization is the most important thing that an online business owner can achieve. The components of SEO are ranking, traffic and revenue. As a business owner, you should make sure...
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blog promotion

Is It Enough To Publish A Blog Post? 5 Mandatory Post-Publishing Actions To Consider

There is an erroneous belief in the blogging community according to which the only things you need to concern yourself with comprise of verifying that the post is spelling/grammar checked, and that...
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traffic techniques

Master A Few Of These Traffic Techniques And Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

When you bake cookies you only want to make a few and they will be huge. If you spread the dough too thin you maybe have more cookies, but they are so small they do nothing for you. Did you realize...
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google penguin updates

Life After penguin Update – How to make an SEO Living

Ok, let us be honest and acknowledged the fact that we had been spamming the web in the name of off page optimization till Penguin came and mashed it. As things stand, if you are still indulging in...
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seo is spam

SEO = Spam?

There’s a bit of controversy happening about Google and SEO – it’s Jonathan Rockway, a relatively new Google employees that make statements like “SEO isn’t good for users”...
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blogging business

3 Tips on Blogging for SEO Purposes

When you are blogging there will be times that you need to write a blog post with SEO purposes. It’s always challenging to write well when you consider SEO in your writing regime, as you need...
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SEO Tips For 2012

As 2012 approaches us, you need to do some planning for your blogs in the new year. Google is always changing and the updates this year tell a pretty good story. SEO will be even more crucial to your...
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To Use SEO Software or Not?

That is the question; to use SEO software or not? I know there are valid arguments on both sides of the topic here; but you know I love to give you my opinion. SEO Software So, here is what I know....