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mobile marketing, how to mobile market, jumptap“Did you know that 20% of US consumers access a social networking site via mobile phone? Or that text-messaging remains the most common mobile activity?” —–Hubspot. Seems like this is a huge area for us to explore. That’s if you want to cash in on mobile marketing.

JumpTap to The Rescue

Wonder if you have ever heard of Jumptap. If you really want to get into mobile marketing and targeted ads; Jumptap could be a place you wish to visit.

Here is a quick summary of what it’s all about:

Jumptap brings exclusive data and insight to mobile.

Jumptap understands mobile audiences. Our patented targeting technology, exclusive data partnerships and carrier relationships give us unparalleled insight into the mobile landscape. We use data to help us create the most effective programs for advertisers, as well as industry-leading research about how to best target mobile users.

One of the coolest features I found is the MobileStat. A simple targeting and advertising trends report to learn how advertisers are leveraging data and targeting to improve their ROI every month.You join the Jumptap newsletter and you receive the mobilestat every month. Why is this important?

Specifically, mobile marketing is an almost untapped area for bloggers. It is becoming more competitive, but NOW is the time to jump in if you think it’s for you. Therefore a monthly forecast will aide you immensely in your marketing efforts. From targeted audiences to ROI; the newsletter will guide you along….and best of all my friends….free!

So far in the mobile marketing field, targeting and reach are slated as the key factors. You can target an audience all you wish, but if you have no reach; you will go no further than your circle of friends. Imagine now if you will, your ad displayed on American phones, in Japan, Kenya…..etc……reach reach reach.

I suggest if this area interests you, that you check out JumpTap and begin your mobile marketing endeavor.


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