How to Really Make Money Online Blogging

make money online bloggingDo you really want to make money online blogging? If so, here’s the best route: Start list building, build a community and develop a product/service for your readers. Read on.

You know the drill… we read a lot on blogosphere that make money online blogging rocks.

“Wohoo! I make $5,000/month blogging” “I make $10,000/month blogging” “I make $40,000/month blogging.”

Some bloggers who claim that are just liars; some others are real rockstars.

Instead of talking about the liars, let’s just talk about the rockstars: Darren Rowse. Yaro Starak. John Chow. Caroline Middlebrook. They are THE REAL A-listers in blogging world.

Sure, some people are just unhappy for those bloggers’ success and claim them to be scammers. Whatever. The thing is, I believe that when we follow their footpath, we know we can end up like them; well, at least pretty close :)

What you can learn from the authority bloggers?

So, what’s the trade secret of the A-listers? It’s pretty simple, really.

They focus on the back-end of the whole blogging operations.

The front end: The blogs – blog design, blog posts, SEO, link baiting, link building.

The back end: Create products/services, list building, build a community.

So, if you are hoping to make humongous amount of money blogging just by writing great blog posts, you are being misled. Sure, you can make money blogging by publishing great posts on regular basis and all, but you ain’t seen nothing yet.

If I remember correctly, John Chow in his ebook mentioned that if your blog is making $1,000/month from the ‘front-end’, your blog is potentially making you $5,000/month or more if you start list building and start promoting others/your own products.

So – before you call those top bloggers liars and scammers, you’d better start looking at your very own blog. If you are just making $20/month, well, be happy with that and continuously improve your blog. Be analytical and critical toward your own blog. Ask yourself a lot of questions and try to find the answers: Are you getting enough traffic? Are you converting your traffic well? Is your blog appealing to advertisers? Do you actually have a product/service to offer? Is your product/service high in quality? And such.

Remember – if you point a finger at somebody, the other four fingers are pointing at you; stop looking for others’ mistakes (and frown at others’ success) and start putting your ego aside and learn from the right bloggers on how to make money online blogging.

So, again – the keys to make considerable amount of money via blogging are: Build a list, build a community, build/offer a product/service… and of course, write outstanding blog posts!


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4 Responses to “How to Really Make Money Online Blogging”

  1. August 3, 2011 at 12:35 pm #

    Great post. thanks for sharing. its true that most of the peoples claiming about their high earnings are liars. I do follow ewen, johnchow and mack michaels.

    • August 4, 2011 at 10:16 am #


      Agreed. I do believe when John Chow talk about how he make 6-figure via his blog, though. Ewen Chia is Internationally known, so I guess he can’t afford to lie to all of us :)

  2. Lisa Drubec
    July 27, 2011 at 10:07 pm #

    Perfectly said Ivan!

    • July 27, 2011 at 10:18 pm #

      Cheers, Lisa :)

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