Women Are Top Social Media Users

women and social media, pew project, women and moneyOne more time, women are climbing the ladder. It appears from a new study, 50% of Americans are using social media; and the top users are women.

Social Media Study

The Pew Internet and American Life Project has released results showing that social media is utilized by ethnic and age groups; however, women are driving the movement. Don’t jump to the conclusion that it’s just to share recipes either. :)

We discussed in another post how Internet search and email are used more than any other function online. Yet, social networking comes in a close second. In my humble opinion, women are jumping on the make money from home bandwagon and have utilized the FAQ’s on social media to succeed.

Sometimes we get so involved in our main business, we forget to analyze how the tools available to us actually work. I, myself am guilty of this as well. Twitter came about, we heard it was great for our business and we jumped right in. Did you read the FAQ’s on Twitter? I will tell you now, I did not.

I just joined and began searching for followers and people to follow. There is a whole other side to these social sites that we may not even know about. Twitter search for instance, if you had read the inner pages of Twitter, you may have been an early adopter of  Twitter search. At that point you would have become an expert, had great topics for content and taught people a thing or two. Thereby, creating loyal readers and fans of your work.

So, even though the results of the study show millions of people are on board with social media, what slice of that pie do you have? Are you really utilizing social networking to the fullest? Apparently, the women are getting there, but at what capacity?

I would suggest all of us take a hard look at our social media strategy and analyze the inner strength of our profiles. Klout does this as well as some other services do. But does this really measure your power? How many power users are making money from the social sites; or with the social sites?

I know….a lot of questions. But I hope this will engage some discussion and maybe you can leave your thoughts in the comments below. For instance, if you automate your social media interaction, say 85%-95%, are you really a social media user?


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3 Responses to “Women Are Top Social Media Users”

  1. September 16, 2011 at 2:54 am #

    Nowadays, women are earning more money in the social media. And, social media users has been increasing day by day.

  2. Jerry Coldwell
    September 6, 2011 at 5:34 am #

    It’s not surprising, women are far more communicative and therefor enjoy such interactions with people.

  3. August 27, 2011 at 3:50 pm #

    Hello Lisa,

    Very interesting stats. I can understand many women getting on the net and being able to earn money working from home. When I was growing up, father went out to work and mother worked at home, household, kids etc. In wanting to bring in an extra income and still be able to be at home, getting into business via internet is the best way.

    There are a couple of social media sites I signed up to awhile ago and am only now beginning to really utilize them. It’s only then you realize what you’d been missing out on. I have not read the FAQ on twitter, but I’m going to now!

    Thank you Lisa for sharing.

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