Five Benefits of Using an Editorial Calendar

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For anyone involved with the editorial or publications industry, editorial calendars are an essential item of stationery that help to make sure you stay on top of your commitments and deadlines. So what are the main benefits of editorial calendars and how can you make them more effective?

Any editorial work will be extremely time-centric, meaning that it is essential that people are aware of exactly what they are required to do and when. Editorial calendars can provide you with the ideal space to note all of your deadlines and requirements. Here are five of the main benefits to using an editorial calendar:

1. Reduces Stress

Editorial calendars can help to keep your stress levels low by making sure that you stay on top of all of your daily duties. Regardless of whether you write content for your own blog or for others, it is important that you keep it constantly updated in order to make it a success. Meeting deadlines are therefore an important part of the editorial process. Being aware of exactly what you are required to do and when will help you to manage your time for this more effectively, leading to reduced stress levels.

2. Easier to Manage

Editorial calendars are easy to manage because of their simple and familiar layout. This means that you will not waste time getting to grips with a new system and will therefore be able to quickly amend or add any details if necessary. Editorial calendars allow you to clearly display all of the work which you have to do, allowing you to cross it out when completed. This makes it easier for you to manage your time by seeing how much you have to do and when it needs to be completed by.  

3. Quick and Simple to Use

Editorial calendars, as stated, follow a familiar pattern and format meaning that they are quick and simple to use. This means that you will have more time in general, allowing you to work more productively and therefore achieve better results. Editorial calendars allow you to instantly see what tasks you need to complete, ensuring that you are able to plan your day more effectively.

4. Easily Customisable

Another great feature of editorial calendars is that they can be easily personalised or customised in order to make them unique. Photo calendars are one of the easiest ways to do this, allowing you to make this integral item both fun and functional. The photos or images which you choose to use can depict anything you like and could even be used to act as visual reminders. If there is a particular month when you need to focus on a certain topic or client, for example, then you could use an image of this in order to act as a constant reminder.

5. Clearly Visible

A final benefit of using an editorial calendar is that it is easily identifiable and visible. This means that you are unlikely to lose the item and will therefore always have a record of what work needs to be done. An editorial calendar also helps to keep you motivated while working by clearly displaying everything you need to do.



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