blogging tips

5 Things to Avoid Lest Nobody Read your Blog!

Image source It is quite likely that you expect people to engage with the pieces that you upload to your blog. However, there is a chance that your website visitors will be reluctant to read your...
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cat images

5 Great Places To Find The Right Pictures That Will Help Make Your Blog Stand Out

When everyone starts a blog they realize they will have to produce written content. This means people should already be able to write, and if not they will need to develop their ability before they...
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web design

What Does Your Website Say About Your Business

Image by Patrick Haney / Flickr When you create a website for your company you will do so in order to fulfil a number of roles. For one, your website is going to serve as advertisement for your business...
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blog promotion

Is It Enough To Publish A Blog Post? 5 Mandatory Post-Publishing Actions To Consider

photo credit: Mike Licht, via photopin cc There is an erroneous belief in the blogging community according to which the only things you need to concern yourself with comprise of...
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traffic techniques

Master A Few Of These Traffic Techniques And Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

Image feministjulie / Flickr When you bake cookies you only want to make a few and they will be huge. If you spread the dough too thin you maybe have more cookies, but they are so small they do nothing...
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blog happy

Tips for Finding Blogging Happiness

photo: tarop via Flickr Being a blogger is one of the toughest jobs as well as a challenging one. In one hand the commitment to publish a certain amount of materials every week or fortnight, and also...
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bad design

Top Eight Web Design Mistakes Found on Blogs

Image by fontplaydotcom / Flickr If you want to be the proud owner of a popular blog, you by no means need to be a web design expert. The wonders of WordPress have all but ensured this. You do however...
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little stalker

The Why and the How of Stalking One Great Blogger for Guest Posting Opportunity

Image by BigTallGuy / Flickr If you’re too busy looking for websites to guest post on, creating lists and editing spreadsheets, sending emails to the webmasters (bored with the same template...
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