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Blogging And Web Marketing Tips For Old Folk

License: Creative Commons image source There is an incorrect assumption among many that the internet is generally for young people. We tend to assume that because blogging requires a basic understanding...
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The Dan Lew Review: Hey, That Rhymes

What’s been happening lately everyone?! I know I have been MIA for a bit, but I have been working on some great projects that I can’t wait to see the outcome for! In the past week I have...

If Banner Ads Were Honest

How's this for truthful? So it gets to a point in blogging that you just want to remember to have fun with your blog. I mean, let’s face it..we work our rump shakers off all week researching,...

Internet Marketing: Hey Yo, You Talkin’ To Me?

sell my book and we'll be rich! Cantankerous. Ever hear of it? If not, let me define it for you. (stubbornly obstructive and unwilling to cooperate) Why do I tell you this? Because this sums up...

Effective Internet Marketers

Wading through all of the hundreds of websites I see everyday, I found an extremely effective internet marketer. I was quite impressed with John Paul’s blog, The money Dummy blog. This site is...

Welcome to FREE PPC! Press Play!

PLAY FOR YOUR FREE ADS!! DON’T SPEND ANOTHER DIME!! Here’s How to Get All Your Google™ ; AdWords Pay-Per-Clicks FREE! Tweet
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Creating a Good Free Squeeze Page

There are a number of pieces that go into creating a good squeeze page. Probably the most important is the layout of the page. Creating a good template for your squeeze page and testing and tweaking...
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Quick and Dirty Marketing Ideas

This article will discuss about 3 quick and dirty marketing ideas for anyone to kick start their new business. Getting the word out to the masses and markets isn’t as easy as it sounds and not all...
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