5 Reasons You Should Not Accept Guest Post on Your Site

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There are so many ways of building a website’s rank on the search engines, and back linking is just one of those tried and tested effective ways of increasing a website’s visibility on the search engines. There are so many ways of building backlinks online, guest posting being one of those effective ways. This is where a blog owner accepts a post on their blog from another blogger in exchange for a link back to their site. This has proven very effective in many fronts, but it too has its share of disadvantages worth noting.

The idea of guest posting is such that by getting a backlink from a high ranking blog or website, the new blog will get recognition from the search engines… what is referred in the search engine optimization world as backlinking juice. This significantly boosts the online presence and visibility of the new blog while providing the much needed content for the high ranking website. It is often seen as a win-win situation for both parties involved, but wait until you unearth the real reasons why you should never accept a guest post on your site as an already established website. Knowing these reasons should help you make an informed decision so that you can avoid hurting your already good standing in Google’s good books.

Link to irrelevant site

Unless you really know the blog that you want to link back to, you should avoid accepting whatever post that comes your way because the search engines will penalize all blogs that have linked back to irrelevant websites, websites that have violated the search engine terms and conditions, or sites that have no valuable information to readers and only have content created for sales.

Irrelevant post

The second reason to avoid guests posts is because not all of them may be related to your niche, something which might irritate your loyal readership and you end up wasting your hard-earned traffic.

Poor post quality

Some guest posts are too short and of substandard quality which may turn off your readers while inviting penalties from the search engines.

Competing Post

The fourth reason why you shouldn’t accept guest posts is because you will literally be driving your hard earned traffic to the new blog post. If it is your competitor in the niche, it might as well mean outranking you in the search engines.

Duplicate Content

It is also worth mentioning that if you are desperately in need of fresh content for your website, unless you use Copyscape premium to check the quality of the posts that you want to accept, you might end up posting duplicated content from other websites, which will lead to automatic disqualification from the search engines, and you even risk getting banned.

In conclusion, while guest posting has its notable pros and cons, you should only allow it in your blog if you have paid close attention to all the nitty gritty mentioned above before you publish the post on the WWW.

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    Actually, you can get more back links when you are guest post on other blogs. Thanks a lot for given up here :)

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