A blog can pack an entire business into a virtual space.

4 Tips for Getting Your Travel Blog Exposure

Travel blogs are notorious for growing huge followings fast. There are lots of reasons for that; nearly everyone likes to travel, and these blogs have endless things to write about. Not only that,...
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Why You’ll Never Be a Traffic Generation Cafe

The Friendly Blogger has been around about 12 months now. In that time, those of you who have stuck with it through the changes know one thing; this blog would have never happened without Ana Hoffman...
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Are Your Backlinks Going to Waste?

You work so hard writing your content, seeking out backlinks promoting your posts. But, are your backlinks going to waste? Simply getting that backlink is not enough. You need to ensure those backlinks...

Linkbuilding In 2012

Well, the year 2011 is almost at it’s end. For bloggers and websites, that means figuring out what will be of most importance in 2012 with regard to links, rankings and content. This short post...
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Bloggers: Why You should Add Your Google Plus Profile to FindPeopleOnPlus Google Plus Directory

I was just looking for blog post ideas for my directory blog, and I stumbled on an interesting web directory – it’s a Google+ directory from which you can search for Google+ profiles based...
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Top White Papers of 2011: List

According to Wikipedia; a white paper “is  white paper is an authoritative report or guide that helps solve a problem. White papers are used to educate readers and help people make decisions,...
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AdSense Tool: They Put WHAT On Your Blog?!

Ever visit a blog that utilizes AdSense advertising and see some wacko looney ads? Seriously, what AdSense tool are they using?!  I’m talking specifically about blogs that have reputations,...

Link Bait: 20 Best Of The Best For All Eternity

I read an article one time that stated linking to other people’s hot toddy posts was the best link bait out there. And guess what? Like many of us do, I read it and never implemented it. Until...