How to simplify and speed up your Twitter Marketing campaign

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Ask any social media marketing manager what he/she is supposed to do to promote your brand in social media circles, more particularly in Twitter and he/she will start giving you all sort of vague details as to what he/she will be doing just to make you believe that the entire process is extremely time consuming and complicated. But I choose to believe otherwise even in the face of fierce criticism from social media marketers.

There is no any such reason to take time out of your busy schedule and waste it on some social media sites. This practice in the long run is certainly not going to help your business moving forward. Rather it will hold you back. So, as it appears, you desperately need to find a way to simplify your social media marketing strategy and if you have faith in me, I can assure you that managing your twitter account is not that time consuming.

With the following tips, you will be able to promote your brand over twitter and that too within 30 minutes.

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Less is More: Social media marketing is not about doing more; rather it is about doing it smart. However, I have nothing against spending more time on twitter or facebook because this will definitely give your brand more exposure but if you are running short of time, you need to have a smart marketing plan that will focus on the essentials. Since distractions come thick and fast as soon as you login to Facebook or Twitter, you need to set a timer that will automatically make you aware of the tasks to be completed within the specified time frame. There are some cool “Time Tracking Software Applications” available that you can also give a try. Now, I personal like RescueTime.

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You need to set your daily routine and follow that thing religiously otherwise, you will find yourself wasting your productive hours surfing the net. So make your twitter marketing plan short and sweet and you will be able to save a considerable amount of energy and time.

Be Proactive: Social media marketing contrary to popular perception is not about managing community. It is also about reaching out to potential customers. Since twitter does not have any such community platform, social media marketers find it tough to get connect to targeted audience. So, they prefer to tread the known path and as expected, it is not going to help your business in one way or the other. What they usually do is post some tweets to an empty room. Or in some worst case scenario, they make their brand look miserable by interrupting others. But believe me there are better things to do when you are in Twitter.

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You can do loads of interesting stuffs like you can tweet that you are interested in writing a guest post for niche blogs, give a short speech on a specific topic or else you might say that you are interested to help a non-profit organizations in framing their social media marketing strategy for free. In a nutshell, you need to do something that will put you in a commanding position and make people want to connect to you.

Automation: I am well aware of the fact that some people are dead against the use automation in social media marketing, but it can help you save countless productive hours. Just a word of caution – you should not be totally dependent on automation. You have to step in whenever you feel it is necessary. Automation is great for posting updates. If your business model requires you post regular updates, you have to keep your faith on some social media automation tools like HotSuite. You can try TwitterFeed that will make your Twitter profile fresh with automatic updates by fetching information from RSS feeds set by you.

Curate: Just sharing your own content is not the way to go. This will make people feel bored. You can make your twitter feed a little bit more interesting by sharing the content of others. All you have to do is to create a list of top blogs of your niche and then you just need to get their RSS feed loaded in your Google Reader account. Once you are done with this, you need to scan the posts of these blogs everyday and then select the ones that you would love to share with your audience. If you wish, you can schedule the updates by using some cool tools like Buffer or Timely and there you go. With these tools, you will be able to find out the best time to share the content so that the tweets get maximum exposure and more click through rates.

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    Spending your productive hours judiciously is usually a big challenge with everything social media. Your article is on point. Having a schedule and sticking with it helps you avoid wasting your time.

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