Got a TeraCent? Want One?

teracent, teracent faq, dynamic adsNope, it’s not some new form of money. I know you were hoping maybe it was. :) Teracent is a brilliant way to discover the power of one on one marketing. Even though it’s not technically one on one, your targeting will allow your demographic to think it is.

What is Teracent?

Teracent’s patent pending, dynamic ad optimization technology chooses the best combination of ad template and dynamic elements for each impression opportunity. This selection is a function of sophisticated machine learning based optimization as well ad strategies specified by the marketer.


Not rocket science, but a damn genius tool. Teracent is basically responsible for the real-time dynamic ad concept. It’s your basic intelligent advertising. People need to understand that Google is not the only option out there. While I love my Google and will never turn away from them….I enjoy toying around with other programs too…..No one said I had to have search engine monogamy!

Anyways, I think it’s worth it to check out what TeraCent has to offer. The following is there description of services:

Ad Creation:
This infrastructure is responsible for the real-time assembly of each dynamic ad. Designed to maximize flexibility and scalability, the Teracent Ad Creation infrastructure manages the ad content, templating and strategy definitions.


This infrastructure determines the optimal selection of each ad element. Responding to the options initiated during initial ad creation, the Teracent Optimization infrastructure returns the optimal selections based on marketing objectives.


This infrastructure captures the information and insight generated by Intelligent Display Advertising. By processing, analyzing and presenting granular selection and event information the Teracent Analytics infrastructure exposes marketers to a new level of marketing insight.
Sounds like they know a thing or two eh? Included below are pdf links for every piece of info you could want or need for Teracent. This includes tips and tricks, optimizing feeds, an overview and even more. So enjoy my gift to you! And really, check out Teracent and see how it can benefit your blog or business.
TLC Overview

TLC Checklist

Tips & Tricks

About Feeds




Ad Tags


Creative Guidelines


In case those don’t work for you, here ya go!!

Teracent Information




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  1. August 25, 2011 at 8:23 am #

    Looks like great information, will have to find a couple of hours to pour over and go through all of it.

    Even though Google is all powerful when it comes to consumer search engine results it is always good to take a look at the market from an alternative angle from time to time.

    Now to find those spare hours!

    igor Griffiths

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