What it takes to be an effective startup business leader?

Small business leaders need more confidence, knowledge and exposure since we all know that a start up or small business has more challenges to face in its way when compared to huge entities in some...
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Is it Okay to Break Grammar Rules in Creative Writing?

Formally-educated writers know the rules of grammar backward and forward. They get a twitch when their friends end a text with a preposition. They proofread and correct emails from their family. They...
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How To Create A Successful Website In A Highly Competitive Niche

If you’re building a website that you hope to earn money from, or that you want to promote your business, then a common piece of advice you’ll get from the experts is not to go into too...
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How To Write Perfect SEO-Friendly Content

Once upon a time, writing the ideal article from an SEO perspective was a simple matter. Back then SEO was based almost entirely on keyphrases, and the best way to make sure that Google noticed your...
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The Honey Trap Design: How To Gain Hundreds Of New Subscribers Per Day

You’ve tried to make money from your blog for a long time now and it’s still not working out for you. It’s not because you haven’t been trying hard because you read as much...
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5 Great Places To Find The Right Pictures That Will Help Make Your Blog Stand Out

When everyone starts a blog they realize they will have to produce written content. This means people should already be able to write, and if not they will need to develop their ability before they...
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Top Eight Web Design Mistakes Found on Blogs

If you want to be the proud owner of a popular blog, you by no means need to be a web design expert. The wonders of WordPress have all but ensured this. You do however need to know the basics, or...
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The Devil is in the Detail – Minor Tweaks That Can Make a Big Difference to Your Website or Blog

When it comes to web design, attention to detail is one of the most important things to look at and one of the keys to making a successful and attractive site. The point is that while your overall...
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