Google Search: Behind the Algorithm

You all do your keyword research and work relentlessly to get those keywords ranked in Google. What people seem to forget in Google search is their is more under the hood. There are alot of components...
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bravenet classifieds, income stream for bloggers

Income Stream: Make Money Offering Classifed Space

Internet Marketing is about making money and the most successful marketers have multiple income streams. You can make money offering classified space on your site as one of the waves in your stream....
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SEO Tips For 2012

As 2012 approaches us, you need to do some planning for your blogs in the new year. Google is always changing and the updates this year tell a pretty good story. SEO will be even more crucial to your...
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To Use SEO Software or Not?

That is the question; to use SEO software or not? I know there are valid arguments on both sides of the topic here; but you know I love to give you my opinion. SEO Software So, here is what I know....

The Dan Lew Review: Hey, That Rhymes

What’s been happening lately everyone?! I know I have been MIA for a bit, but I have been working on some great projects that I can’t wait to see the outcome for! In the past week I have...

Can We Talk?:Keyword Research & Rainbow Poop

So it goes something like this. A few years back I had a personal blog on a now defunct blogging platform. I discussed anything and everything, especially things I noticed on a daily basis. I talked...