Google Search: Behind the Algorithm

You all do your keyword research and work relentlessly to get those keywords ranked in Google. What people seem to forget in Google search is their is more under the hood. There are alot of components behind the algorithm of Google search. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Under the Google Hood

Here’s a deeper look inside search with a short video that showcases the work that goes into the improvements which are made to Google almost every day.

Learn more by reading these blog posts on the methodology and process behind  search ranking, evaluation and algorithmic changes, or by watching this video from the Churchil Club event.


The Life of a Search Term

 No better place then right from the horse’s mouth right? That’s my philosophy anyways. So here is what Google says about the life of a query:

Life of a Query

If you’re using Google Search you might sometimes wonder how it looks like “behind” the white homepage. Google indexes billions and billions of web pages, our index is well over 100 million gigabytes, but how can Google navigate through all this information?

  • 1 Million Computing Hours
    We spent 1,000,000 computing hours to prepare the index.
  • Lightning Fast Previews
    Instant Preview loads in 1/10th of a second on average.
  • Over 1 Billion Searches Daily
    There are more than 1 billion searches each day on Google.
  • Unique Queries
    20% of unique queries are new to us every day.
  • 450 Billion Unique Queries
    Since 2003 Google has answered 450 Billion new unique queries – searches we have never seen before.
  • Over 1,500 Miles To Get The Answer
    Every query has to travel on average 1,500 miles to get the answer back to the user.
  • Waiting time
    More than 1,000 man-years have gone into developing the Google search algorithm.
  • Scale
    Over the past year, we increased our index size by billions of documents. Our Caffeine index is more than 100 million gigabytes.

People often talk about “the Google results” but the truth is there is no single “Google” – at any given time there are 50-200 different versions of our core algorithm out in the wild. Millions more when you realize your search results are personalized to you and you alone. This is also coming clear with Google plus, your world search….more on that in another post.

What do you think about 50-200 different versions of the algorithm???



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