Why Bloggers Need to be Aware of Cloud Computing

cloud computing guideDid you know the much-talk-about cloud computing? What is cloud computing and why bloggers should be aware of it? Learn more from this blog post…

A brief on cloud computing

Cloud computing, in essence is computing done by accessing a shared computing resources (the cloud) in electricity-like manner (you pay what you use) and can be scale up and down according to your computing needs.

“Computing” here, in practical forms, can be in the form of running a blog, saving photos and music, checking emails, tweeting, calling someone using your mobile phone, etc. – anything involving a computer to get things done.

Cloud computing is soon (or is it already?) to be mainstream. Every time you use a device connected to the Internet, you are now practically connected to the cloud.

‘been using Dropbox, Evernote and such? Those are cloud applications – web-based applications that are using cloud computing technologies and resources allowing you to sign up and use the services according to your need (typically subscription-based or pay-as-you-go basis,) and unlike any conventional applications, you are allowed to upgrade or downgrade service plan as you see fit, anytime.

Cloud computing and blogging

Are you using Blogger.com or WordPress.com? You are practically blogging in the cloud. Even if your blog is a self-hosted WordPress blog, you are practically blogging in the cloud.

Your web hosting provider, your add-ons/plugins, and any other blogging resources are on the cloud – with or without the buzzword “cloud” in them.

Have you tried WordPress’ Jetpack plugin? It connects your self-hosted blog to WordPress cloud. How about using Cloudflare plugin? It directs your blog traffic to Cloudflare’s cloud and weeds out viruses, trojans, hacks, etc. and cache your blog posts and pages. Have you use CDN to deliver your blog’s content? It’s in the cloud.

Why bloggers should consider cloud computing

Hosting your blog on a cloud hosting provider, caching and serving your blog posts to your readers from the cloud, adding more powerful features to your blog via cloud apps, etc. can help you in various ways, such as:

  • Faster blog page load: Better search engine ranking, more appeal to readers
  • Secure your blog’s data: Photos, videos and posts are enjoying the layered security offered by cloud hosting providers.
  • No excessive CPU usage suspension: No more suspension from your hosting provider, as resources available to you on-demand, you pay what you use.
  • Near 100% uptime: Your blog’s content is delivered from multiple web servers in the cloud – meaning, when a server is down, the others will automatically take over all the operations in the troubled server.

The list of cloud computing benefits for your blog and blogging endeavors can go on and on, as I personally fave the cloud :) The point is, you need to be at least aware of the availability of cloud computing for both businesses and individuals.

I do recommend you to visit my cloud computing resource sites to help you learn about cloud computing: The Cloud Infographic and Cloud Business Review.


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