Lessen Your Blog Costs To Increase Your Overall Profit

Blue Piggy Bank WIth CoinsBlogging isn’t all about money. However, it is important to take the proper steps to balance cost versus earnings. After all, even if you are in it for the experience, no one is going to say no to more money in their pocket, right?

The first step to seeing this happen is cutting down the monthly and annual costs of running your website. The less you have to spend out of what you bring in, the more that will end up in your pocket. This can then go to further expanding your blog and bringing in even more in the future. It is all a process, and one that isn’t difficult to get down.

Try following these tips to reduce expenses and increase profits.

Don’t Over-Extend Your Focus

It is easy to get a little too eager when starting up. A friend of mine was, and ended up starting five different blogs at the same time, which he tried to micromanage while hiring other writers. It was, quite simply, a disaster, and he lost a lot of money before he took three of them down and started writing them himself with occasional guests.

This is the right way to do it. You start out with a single niche blog that focuses on one topic. You then invest your money and time into that blog, building both the site and your reputation, and increasing your readership. From that point, you can start thinking of branching out to others safely. But jumping right into multiple sites probably won’t work and will just cost cash, not bring it in.

Buy Premium Hosting Space, Not Cheap Alternatives

You can get 10 GB space and 10 MySQL databases, along with a domain host for an economy price of as little as $10 a year from some services. This can look mighty tempting, and since it is just a blog, you won’t need anymore space. At least, that is the mistake that seems to be common among bloggers who are just starting out.

The problem here is that if you are planning on your blog making money and working as a business venture of some kind, you will have to expand. You won’t end up sticking with one blog…there will be branches that come from it, covering other niches related to the original. You see it happen all the time.

In the end, not only will you have to buy more hosting space, but more blog services which could end up costing your hundreds a year in hosting alone, just for a single blog project. While you can make up for this easily with small donation drives, that is becoming a less common option as the economy continues to sour. Especially for a site using a crappy hosting service and online real estate to begin with.

Try getting multiple site hosting from the very beginning. This is a service that offers unlimited domains through a single account, for one annual price. It might seem a little high when you first see the price (about $80 per year), but it makes up for it rather quickly.

But the best part about doing this is the convenience. I know I can’t be the only one who hates using separate accounts for separate sites. It makes it much harder to manage them, and when one crashes you have to go through the hassle of remembering your info and working out the history of the blog, plus backup.

With everything in one place, you just have to create a domain on the same host. Much easier that way, and cheaper as time goes on.

Keep Your Eye On The Future

The best way to expand the amount of cash you bring in is by looking towards the future of your blog and acting accordingly. When you see the bigger picture, you will notice that investing more now will save more later, while increasing revenue.

You have probably heard the saying that it takes money to make money, and this is just as true online as it is anywhere else. So don’t make the mistake of holding back in the beginning, or you can be sure to pay more before you make it big.

Do you have any other tips to saving cash in order to increase monthly revenue? Let us know in the comments!

Annie is a professional blogger writing on finance and marketing.


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