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DoNanza: a hot new search engine geared SPECIFICALLY towards finding work at home jobs. See my little project board up at the right? -> yes, over there! All of those jobs are work from home opportunities that pay you real money. So check out the job board and see what you want to do and make some money dang it! Also, here is a wonderful post from DoNanza on the growth expectations of freelance work at home.


There is no doubt that freelancing will continue to bloom in the coming years as more and more jobs are being outsourced and the virtual world continues to revolutionize. The catch, however, lies in the known fact that freelancing can’t offer long-term security. What can we do to counteract such risks? Read on and find out how the secret of achieving constant stream of freelance jobs are just right at your fingertips.
Have a Signature
Admit it—finding your first freelance job is as difficult as keeping existing ones. Sooner or later, income-generating assignments will end and you will be left to look for another project. This is a cycle and a fact that you should learn to accept from the time you have decided to plunge into the waters of freelancing. Don’t fret over it because there’s simply nothing you can do about it. Instead, have your previous clients come back to you for more projects (or even referrals) by keeping a signature of your work. Simply put, deliver quality and on time outputs, so you will be remembered and become a first choice whenever a need comes up.
Build and keep a network
Most freelancers are independent and this is one of the trickiest aspects of doing freelance jobs. The solitary of working-home-alone sometimes tends to cut you off from your social network. You need not worry though as you are not alone. There are plenty of freelancers around the globe who are almost already tied on their desk in their home offices doing freelance work. Meet them up by signing up with social networking websites such as facebook, twitter and a lot more. Not only will you be able to end your loneliness and keep your sanity, but your chances of finding freelance jobs are also increased through them.
Improve your visibility over the web
Online presence is crucial for freelancers. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you invest in a website that will showcase your services as soon as you can. This will not only improve your visibility over the web, but will also take part in your signature-building campaign. Additionally, it will also help to sign up to three or more job market platform websites such as oDesk and Elance. Create a professional profile and build a value provider reputation on these sites to enjoy a less time chasing, more time working freelance career.
Achieving constant stream of freelance jobs is not that difficult at all if you will take some time to come up with an action plan that will guide you through the rough times of freelancing. As mentioned earlier, everything is already right at your fingertips; you have your computer! Visit us at and completely eliminate dry days from your freelance job calendar.


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