Still Learning & Getting Scammed

Well, no one is safe from the snake oil salesman. My last post was in regards to SpinSuccess and how they have helped me with my advertising. This they did do, however I am not sure what means they used.

After having my email phished by them, almost losing every contact I had, they also set up bogus PPC funds. They promise $100 per month in PPC funds for and

So in researching this, both of these sites have outdated web pages (2002), as well as ZERO activity on extremely popular keywords.

I also received a warning email from Google in regards to this site and I take that very seriously. Can you imagine if I had lost my email forever???? Lord, knows what they did actually get from email. This again is why I cloak my affiliate ID’s.

In closing, DO NOT sign up with SpinSuccess if you actually want SUCCESS!

I have removed their links from my blog and webpages.
I have requested a cancellation of account from the account manager “Bruce.” I will let you know how this plays out.

We CAN AND WILL DO THIS….until next time,



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