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The Why and the How of Stalking One Great Blogger for Guest Posting Opportunity

Image by BigTallGuy / Flickr If you’re too busy looking for websites to guest post on, creating lists and editing spreadsheets, sending emails to the webmasters (bored with the same template...
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guest blogging tips

How to Get the Best Out of Your Blog through Guest Blogging Tricks

How to make guest blogging works? Blogging is no longer about keeping an online diary. It has become a platform for views and a way to self market yourself. Most guest blogs are penned with the motive...
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5 Reasons You Should Not Accept Guest Post on Your Site

Image: There are so many ways of building a website’s rank on the search engines, and back linking is just one of those tried and tested effective ways of increasing a website’s...
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Why Your Guest Post Should Suck

Okay, maybe it shouldn’t suck, but I have noticed something lately. I have been reading a lot of guest posts on some of my favorite blogs. What I have found is a bit alarming. So, while this...

Accepting Guest Posts: How and Why

Guest posting is a slightly controversial subject in the blog world. Most people will agree that there are some great reasons to hire on an occasional writer for your site. But others prefer to keep...
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