Making Money Blogging: The Goal

I read over and over that the goal of bloggers is to make money. So, are you making money blogging? Feel free to ask me the same question. I have always been 100% upfront and honest with this blog. So to answer your burning question..yes, I am. Now, I know your follow up question is “how much?” Here is what I can tell you.

More than I did when I started and not as much as I would like to be. The silver lining of course is that I have increased my earnings exponentially from where I began. I guess beating $0 is not a great feat though, huh? Actually, it is considering MY personal goal is to continue making money blogging. The bigger question is of course, what is YOUR goal?

The reality is that not everyone creates a blog to make money. Some people desire to have anonymity, a place where they can release the hassles of their life out into virtual space. Some wish to share family stories, maybe only intending for other family members to see. Others may use a blog to promote their school within the framework of the school. Endless reasons that people blog.

I know countless people have written about having a goal for your blog, so I won’t just rehash the topic. If you want to make money blogging, then do it! Utilize the knowledge of those who have done it already and make it happen. I can’t do it for you and neither can Famous Bloggers, or Ana Hoffman, or any other A-list blogger. All they can do is tell you what has worked for them and how you should approach your project.

If making money is not your goal, then what I suggest is to at least read some of the marketing strategies some of these money making bloggers utilize. Why? Because you don’t want to get lost out here in the blogosphere. You need eyeballs on your blog to make your hard work matter! Trust me when I say, it’s easy to get lost out here if you don’t promote yourself.  You can’t just throw a blog up and think people will come.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t earth shattering news to you, and maybe this post was to remind myself of my goal. Blogging should be an enjoyable experience for you and not a chore. Yes, it takes work, but not the kind of clock punching, micro-managing, This should be the work you want to do or an enjoyable hobby. I will stick by this tidbit….as long as you incorporate your own vision, your own voice into the blog, you will be respected and unique. We are not all Perez Hilton or John Chow. And we shouldn’t wish to be.

There is no greater person in the world then YOU.


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6 Responses to “Making Money Blogging: The Goal”

  1. Wen
    November 30, 2010 at 4:39 am #

    Great writing Lisa, it reminded me about my goal when I started to manage a blog. True that the only one that could complete our dream is ourself.

  2. Lisa Drubec
    January 10, 2011 at 5:33 pm #

    Thanks Mike!


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