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Some Out Of the Box Tips to Design a Near Perfect Landing Page

Well, you have learned a lot about how to drive targeted traffic to your landing page and how to get that targeted traffic converted thanks to innumerable articles available on the web. That is cool....
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Attracting People to Visit your Blog – useful ways to do so

It is a great excitement to have your own blog. You should know how to attract people to your blog site so that you can improve the traffic of your blog. If you want more visitors to visit your blogging...
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Why You’ll Never Be a Traffic Generation Cafe

The Friendly Blogger has been around about 12 months now. In that time, those of you who have stuck with it through the changes know one thing; this blog would have never happened without Ana Hoffman...
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Conversion Optimization Training

One of the key components of Internet Marketing is conversion. You all work tirelessly to write, promote and drive traffic to your products. What good is all the traffic if you are not converting said...

Why Your Guest Post Should Suck

Okay, maybe it shouldn’t suck, but I have noticed something lately. I have been reading a lot of guest posts on some of my favorite blogs. What I have found is a bit alarming. So, while this...

Bloggers: Why You should Add Your Google Plus Profile to FindPeopleOnPlus Google Plus Directory

I was just looking for blog post ideas for my directory blog, and I stumbled on an interesting web directory – it’s a Google+ directory from which you can search for Google+ profiles based...

How to Build Your Blog Traffic using BlogGlue

Here is the newest WordPress plugin I installed on The Friendly Blogger: BlogGlue Related Posts Network Plugin, which I strongly recommend you to install on your blog. Why? Well, the number one reason...