Promote Yourself

blog community, dofollow links, dofollow blogs, build links, community pagesWelcome to The Friendly Blogger community page! I did not come up with this idea all by myself…so I have to thank all the other wonderful bloggers who have created these types of pages.

The idea of this page is for you, the community, to have a place to brag. Leave your profile link, business link, facebook, twitter, whatever you choose in the comments below. My hope here is that it’s win/win for everybody.

You can get a dofollow link and I will meet a lot of new people.  All I ask is no affiliate links and that you at least give a short description of your blog/business. So let’s go!

  • Link whatever profile you wish
  • Give short description of business
  • No affiliate links..please!
  • Share with the community
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