How To Write Perfect SEO-Friendly Content

License: Creative Commons image source Once upon a time, writing the ideal article from an SEO perspective was a simple matter. Back then SEO was based almost entirely on keyphrases, and the best way...
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blog promotion

Is It Enough To Publish A Blog Post? 5 Mandatory Post-Publishing Actions To Consider

photo credit: Mike Licht, via photopin cc There is an erroneous belief in the blogging community according to which the only things you need to concern yourself with comprise of...
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google penguin updates

Life After penguin Update – How to make an SEO Living

The penguins are here! Ok, let us be honest and acknowledged the fact that we had been spamming the web in the name of off page optimization till Penguin came and mashed it. As things stand, if you...
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SEO Tips For 2012

As 2012 approaches us, you need to do some planning for your blogs in the new year. Google is always changing and the updates this year tell a pretty good story. SEO will be even more crucial to your...
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