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How Facebook Can Build The Audience For Your Blog

License: Creative Commons image source Of all of the social networks out there, Facebook is the one that changes the most. The site is regularly altering its overall layout, features, pages, privacy...
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facebook privacy

Cool Ways to Control Your Facebook privacy

So, Facebook is as has always been in a mess when it comes to secure 100% privacy of users. The more they try to make things simple, around the concept privacy, the more complicated it becomes and...
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Is Facebook’s Auto Tagging a Little Too Invasive?

Facebook is so eeeevil! Facebook’s facial recognition technology has been touted as a tool to make our lives easier.  No longer will we have to take the time to tag our friends in all of...
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Why Google+ is Better than Facebook

Google+ is better than Facebook?Well, I’m not endorsing Google+ (um, maybe a bit…) but I am convinced that Google+ might be a legitimate Facebook killer. While I was browsing my Google+...