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facebook privacySo, Facebook is as has always been in a mess when it comes to secure 100% privacy of users. The more they try to make things simple, around the concept privacy, the more complicated it becomes and eventually, it is general users like you and me, who find themselves at the receiving end of this mess. Since Facebook is rolling out new features one after one, it becoming a prerequisite for every Facebook user to have a clear understanding of how to protect their privacy while cooling their heels while chatting in Facebook.

Who Can see And What Can Be Seen: Before you drill down to the bottom of securing privacy in Facebook, you need to stop at your privacy setting. This is one such area, which is commonly overlooked by veteran Facebook users like me. Customize the setting as per your requirement. If you ask my personal opinion, I would suggest you tag most of them as “Friends Only” unless you want to make some of the information publicly available. Options are there to bolster privacy of your Facebook account by making certain tweaks in setting and above everything else, you need to make sure that the photos are hidden from certain people.

Use List: To enhance your privacy little bit more, we suggest you to group your Facebook friends in lists. Try to further specify your friend more by tagging them as best friends, students, employees, colleagues etc and then modifying each privacy setting accordingly. To enable this, you need to go to Edit Friend section and then manually type the name of the friends to list them under different groups as discussed earlier. So next time, you upload some raunchy pictures of yours, make sure only your best friends can see them otherwise, it will get visible to your employers or your colleagues.

What People Can See: Facebook lets users decide what people can see in their profile when they are not their friends. Under “Connecting on Facebook”, click on “View Settings”. Now, here you can have an idea of what people can see when they search for you on this social media. Give some attention to small things like what you Like etc. It is not good idea to make it publicly visible what you have Liked on Facebook.

Secure Browsing: Do not save the password and user name of your Facebook account in browser. This is one of the most common causes of getting account hacked. And make it a habit of not accessing your Facebook account from unsecured connected ortherwise your Facebook account privacy might get compromised. And there is a nice trick to increase the level of security. You can give it a try. Just go to “account settings” and enable secure browsing by default. This will give a leg up to security.

Use app with Care: There are zillions of apps available on Facebook but not all of them are secured. So before you install another fancy app to your profile, you need to do a little bit of background checking. Make sure the company who has developed the application do care for privacy of users, otherwise, it good for you to leave that application for once and all.

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