SEO Infographic: The New Link Bait

As long as I can remember, the almighty link bait was a great piece of content going viral and causing mass linkage. Free reports, e-books, awesome articles….all of it; an effort to grab more vital backlinks to your site. A new trend has emerged over the last couple years; the infograhic. An easy to read image chronicling the topic at hand and how it all pieces together. This post will show you a top notch SEO infographic; the new link bait.

SEO Infographic

This will be a short but sweet post so that you can get to this infographic and see the benefits of a serious SEO strategy. Specifically, this infographic is an SEO FAQ. You all know seo is a crucial aspect to your blog/business success. If you want that coveted first page of Google ranking, then you need to implement the seo plan my friends.

Without further adieu, please check out the graphic below and take what you will from it. Also, please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

seo infographic, new link bait


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