5 Email List Trends For 2011

How many times have we said, “the money’s in the list?” Probably a million. But it’s the truth. If you have not started to build your email list, you really are missing out...
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The Content Farm: Legit Topics For Bloggers

I actually wish I would have created a site called the content farm myself; however, I didn’t need to. There is already an active content farm out there with tons of legitĀ topics for bloggers....
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How To Install and Use a Contact Form

We have said it a million times, the money is in the list. If you have not started building a list with your blog; you are missing out on some great traffic and cash. Installing a Contact Form List...
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Search is Still A Top Activity For Internet Users

If you are thinking seo and ranking in Google are going by the way side; think again. Search and email are still the top activities for Internet users. Search is Still A Top Activity For Internet Users We...
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Why You Need To Avoid SafeLists

When I first started blogging, I was really gullible. Somehow I believed everything the Internet returned to me. I learned some hard lessons along the way and always tried to bring those lessons to...

How to Win a Guaranteed Prize from GetResponse

Enjoying surprises? Well, then what I’m about to write wouldn’t interest you… but you should read this blog post, anyway If you are running a blog and want to better engage your...
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List Building: How To Make Your 1st $100

I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately, but I am obsessively focusing on list building. I swear it’s keeping me up at night thinking of new tips and tricks…or even how I can...

The Best List I Ever Joined

In keeping with my last post’s theme, a list building mistake, I wanted to talk about the BEST list I ever joined. Now I will preface this with the following statement…please don’t...