Are You In College? Then You Should Be Blogging

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College is rife with educational and extracurricular opportunities. Between going to class, studying, and attending club meetings, students are certainly kept busy. Some may find it difficult to stay current with non-academic pursuits, such as maintaining a personal blog, but there is good news. Applying the same kind of discipline to blogging that one directs towards homework can signal success. Just as a student must prepare for class, whether they are attending classes in person or pursuing a degree via an online university, so must she approach blogging. Just as the adage goes, practice makes perfect.

Flex that muscle

All students can use practice when it comes to writing. With a multitude of papers assigned during one’s college career, blogging regularly can help a student craft the discipline necessary to smoothly sail through school. As much as writing more might not make sense to some students, being prolific can cut down on the time a student spends in front of a blank white screen wondering what to say. Start with short posts – for instance, a couple hundred words – and craft each as though writing a term paper. A cohesive post with a clear beginning, middle, and ending will make academic assignments easier to tackle. Once the skeleton is in place, the building can begin.

Be prepared

In addition to improving a student’s composition skills, writing a blog can help a person become more Internet savvy, which is especially helpful for students enrolled in an online university. With most or all communication happening via the web, students will need to know how to respond to classmates in a forum and might even be called upon to write a blog as part of a class assignment. Familiarity with the workings of the web will make those assignments easier to complete.

Earn a little dough

While learning about or improving upon one’s online skills, bloggers should consider simultaneously making some money. With door open to the online world, the benefits of its advertising opportunities abound. Authors can choose to have strategically-placed ads appear on their site or they can write reviews of a company’s product. The latter is especially beneficial for those looking to build their online presence, improve their writing prowess, and sample a new item, all at the same time.

While maintaining a blog might sound like a lot of work to already-busy students, the task is not insurmountable. As with any new venture, some extra work will go into creation and maintenance but bloggers can treat the work as just another assignment and work the writing muscle like any other that needs to be exercised.


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