Marketing Giveaways: A Million Dollars Overnight?

In this day and age of, “I made a million overnight,” you want the truth. Well the truth of the matter? you will not make a million dollars overnight. It is just not possible. I have read so many reports and visited so many websites promising me the moon, that I actually bought in to some of this crap. Only through trial and error did I find my way around.

I have since taken up a simple strategy. I Google a topic I am interested in, check out the first two pages of results and pounce on all the free marketing giveaways. This allows me an influx of material pertaining to my topic and a non stop supply of what I demand. All without having to spend a dime. From there, I take what I want and utilize it how I see fit. So, this means adding my name to someone’s list, right? It’s a small price to pay for a ton of information.

This industry should begin quid pro quo tactics. If I sign up on your list, read what I have to write. Visit my site or blog. It’s free to join someone’s list, so what is the harm in getting free research reports or bonus products? I believe if you visit my blog or my website, you should get something in return. That is how successful businesses operate. It’s not a coupon or anything, but it’s an actual free information product that you will use. Imagine the possibilities if everyone worked this way? What if you visited the Home Depot store website and just for shopping around, (not even buying anything,) they gave you a free bag of nails? How about a free hammer? I would visit their site and COME BACK again and again.

That is the ultimate goal. To have people return to your website or blog. They will become loyal readers/customers and trust you in your business dealings. So start giving away something for those that find you. Here is your free gift for reading my post! Just click below for your free gift.


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  1. Anonymous
    June 22, 2010 at 2:05 pm #

    excellent post! thanks for the freebie


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