Income Stream: Make Money Offering Classifed Space

bravenet classifieds, income stream for bloggersInternet Marketing is about making money and the most successful marketers have multiple income streams. You can make money offering classified space on your site as one of the waves in your stream. This post will show you how to set this up on your blog for free and with no special techie moves.

Offer Classified Services on Your Blog

Let’s see; some of the possible revenue options are as follows; affiliate marketing, banner advertising, Adsense, text ads, create your own product, sponsored reviews, consulting services. I think I hit the big ones here. One thing I RARELY see on blogs is classified space.

When I discovered this little money-making method, I was a bit reluctant at first. I mean, imagine the lunatic ads that might be posted! However, once I delved a little deeper into this I found the solution for that problem with Bravenet.

So here goes my little example for you. Your blog now offers classified advertising. This could range from products, books, or even… ad to visit another blog! They don’t have to be selling anything at all. It could be a viable avenue to drive traffic to another blog.

Okay, Joey Blogger is interested in placing a classified ad on your site. He contacts you. You reply with; ” hey no problem! $25 for 30 days.” How easy is that? Obviously you can charge whatever you feel like charging. Your fees should align with your blog traffic, pageviews, etc. I wouldn’t pay $25 to a site owner if their blog only received 10 visits a day and neither would you. You wouldn’t right??!

Super Easy With Bravenet

 This seriously is the easiest implementation into your existing site that I could find. Nothing to download, a simple copy and paste code into a new page of your blog. I would be sure to give a keyword rich description on that page so as to make Google love you and index your new page.

Bravenet will give you email notification of new ads as well as an ad manager; this will allow you to review, add, delete and manage all of your ads.

 You also have the option to choose from multiple themes which allows you to match your classified page to your blog’s current design. It’s truly a win/win for website owners. Once you have your page set up, place your fees right there so users have all the info they need right away. It’s an extra step to have to contact you first for rates and such. Plus it just makes more work for you.

This is absolutely a viable way to earn extra money with your blog. The more income streams you have set up, the better off you will be. To set up your own classified page on your blog, check out the link below. And remember folks, it’s free!

Your Own Classified Page



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