Top 2 WordPress Editing Plug Ins

editing plugins wp, wordpress content creation, how to edit wp postsWe all know that proper grammar and spelling make our blog posts more reputable. We are trying to build a brand here and poor grammar can greatly affect that goal. So, I looked into some useful tools to help us along the way. Hence, the top 2 wordpress editing plug ins for your perusal. :)

Top 2  WordPress Editing Plug Ins

Zemanta is the best in my opinion. Why?

Zemanta recommends content while you write your post. It helps you enhance it with images, videos, links, and SEO optimized tags. It’s blogging on steroids!

What more can I say about that?! It helps you as you go. Image recommendations, alt tags, source links, etc…All in an effort to make your blogging life a little easier. Those kind of things make me smile from ear to ear.

The second plug in I recommend is After The Deadline.

This plugin helps you write clearly and concisely by finding complex phrases and suggesting you to replace them with simple ones. This plugin will help you do the following with ease:

  • Check Spelling
  • Check Style
  • Detect Misused Words
  • Checks Grammar
  • Explains Errors

You can utilize both of these plug ins by clicking the links above. They are free and oh how I love free! The last thing we want as bloggers is to have readers leaving comments pointing out our mistakes. Boo on that!!!

Do you use either of these? If not, do you use any editing plug in?


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