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When things go wrong in real life there is one big consolation which bloggers can take from it.

As that button finally pops on your trousers and you stand in the office showing off your knobbly knees, or the door on the manure truck swings open as you bend down to tie your shoelace next to it then you can think; at least this will make a great blog post.

My own writing has benefitted greatly from my habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and of doing the wrong thing, well nearly all of the time basically. I have already confessed to the world that it I was the teenage boy who got locked in the ladies toilets at Blackpool, that I once threw up on my lap two hours into a twenty four bus journey and that my life has been peppered with other such unseemly  incidents.

Maybe not everyone would be quite so comfortable spilling the beans on their personal mishaps but I find that it gives me the following benefits.

Something Fresh to Write About

Sometimes finding new subject material can be difficult, and what better inspiration is there than your own life? There is no harm in exaggerating things either if it makes for a better story. For example, that spell of vomiting on the bus was exaggerated a little as it actually happened nearer the end of the trip. Having said that, the 5 remaining hours till the destination still seemed like an eternity as the other passengers pinched their noses and mentally recorded my face for future gossiping purposes.

It Is Liberating

They say that it is good to make fun of yourself and I find it to be an extremely liberating experience. If a bad memory has been haunting you for years then maybe turning it into a light hearted blog could help you finally come to terms with it. I personally find that humiliations and knock backs are now easier to take, as a tiny part of me starts writing the article even as the pigeon poops on my head or the whole cinema audience turns round to see who just fell down the stairs. I now embrace the mishaps of life rather sweep them under the carpet.

It Gets Peoples Interest

Ok, here’s a little test. Hands up who doesn’t like reading about other people’s misfortunes? Just as we love seeing Charlie Chaplin fall over, the thin one from Laurel and Hardy get them into a fine mess and people generally make fools of themselves on the screen so we also like to read about it. In fact, written descriptions have the advantage of letting us imagine the looks on people’s faces and how we would have felt in the same situation. I know that if I come across someone else’s blog which tells of their trials and tribulations it will have me hooked, if only to see whether they have got into more of a fine mess than I usually do.     

Great blogging is not a matter of just one element, its a combination of years of hard work, research, quality seo copywriting and bucket loads of passion.

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  1. November 15, 2011 at 11:49 am #

    Done this with a few posts, personal and business. Writing about that negative experience, discussing it with others is a good way to learn, grow.. and offer value to others possibly going through the same. FWIW.

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