10 Common Social Media Mistakes For Businesses

social business, social media mistakes, social media managerI for one, hate making mistakes. But the inevitable fact is that we all do. Especially when it comes to our online ventures. Somewhere, somehow, we will falter and make a mistake.  I found a great post outlining the top 10 common social media mistakes.

Whether you run a brick and mortar business, or online business, these mistakes can pertain to you. Now, if you run a brick and mortar business and have not started a social media campaign; I am sorry to say you may just be left in the dust. These days, social media is becoming social business and you need to seriously consider jumping on board.

My quick opinion on social business is that we are moving away from just engaging others via Twitter, Google+, Facebook and the like; we are now in an age where we conduct actual business via these mediums. Customers tweet complaints, deals, kudos, coupons, questions and more to their social platforms. This is an area businesses need to pay special attention. You will find what is going to work for you right from a 140 character sentence.

Having dedicated social media(business) manager goes a long way in this instance. Social media manger is quickly becoming the hot job these days and every business involved in the social media world should consider hiring one. But, to start out, you need to know what some of the common social media mistakes are and how to avoid them.

So, because I liked this post so much when I read it, I am sharing it with you. Check it out and see if you have committed one of these social media blunders.

10 Common Social Media Mistakes

Once you read this post, come back and let me know if you have made one of these social business mistakes and how you handled it; as well as how you plan to avoid making the same mistake in the future. Remember, we all make mistakes and as long as we learn from them; we are one step ahead of the rest!



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