Social Media ROI

Return on Investment. ROI. You have all heard of it. But what about roi and social media. Let’s say you have invested no money into your social media campaign, can you still measure roi? Absolutely. Your blog takes time and research. So you can certainly measure whether or not your social media roi is paying off for you.

Social Media ROI

If you haven’t gotten readers, subscribers, sales and followers from your social media campaigns, then you have what is commonly referred to as social media roi. This is your return on investment for your efforts. Whether good or bad, you will have something to measure. You will determine from those results whether or not you need to tweak anything or if you have got it all down pat.

One of the things I like to measure isĀ  whether or not my tweets are getting retweeted and what links have the most success. Is it thepost title or a shortened url? There are a million different ways to analyze your results and what you decide to measure may be different form me. Whatever metrics you use, you can be sure that measuring your roi is a kwy factor in managing your blog.

I found a great video the other day from socialnomics discussing the very issue of social media roi. The video will show you the successes of people like Gary Vanerchuk and how social media helped them capitalize on the trend and make a ton of money. I would venture to guess you want to make money with your blog or online business; so check out the video below. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

social media roi


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