The Content Farm: Legit Topics For Bloggers

content farms, topics for bloggers, email listsI actually wish I would have created a site called the content farm myself; however, I didn’t need to. There is already an active content farm out there with tons of legit topics for bloggers. You are a part of it and may not even know it. That’s where I come into play!

Topics for Bloggers

How many times have you sat down to post to your blog and seen a blank slate with nothing to fill it? I know for me it has happened many, many times. I decided one day that simply using Google to find content was not working. I used Google like a security blanket….filtering this way and that to get relevant and up to the minute info.

I would check Google, then email. Then, Twitter, Facebook, etc….and then it hit me. All these lists that I am on; not only are they giving me great products and info on their blogs; but holy cow; CONTENT! Email lists are my new content farm. I get almost all of my topics from email lists.

All I do is see what products people are promoting and what they say it can do. Then I go out and determine if it’s the truth, find more info on why this product is needed and create a post.

Besides that, most lists point you to their respective blog posts. If it’s unique info, I will grab a line from that post and research the heck out of it. Finally, I create my own post based on that research. It truly is that simple. If you haven’t been grabbing topics from those email lists you are on, you are missing out. Not only is it free, it’s usually pretty relevant and current. That, after all, is what makes your blog climb the Google tree.

I still get content from magazines, conversations, social media, etc….but the easiest way to find what everyone is chatting about is via email. I love the lists I am on and hopefully you do too….I mean, why else be on them??

So, how do you get your content? Do you have a secret content farm?


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