Say GoodBye To Picasa & Blogger

google blogs, google photos, picasa, bloggerDid you ever think we would see the day we had to say goodbye to Picasa and Blogger? Two huge platforms and very popular Google creations to the least. Well, we’re not really saying goodbye to them; just the names.

According to the latest info that Mashable has acquired; Google will be rebranding these to sites to better unify the Google brand. It’s a wonder this was not thought about in the first place….meaning, everything Google should have a Google name! Duh. :)

Anyways, the rebranding should occur within the next 6 weeks and will more than likely coincide with the public launch of Google+. I know people are salivating to get in on Google+ and I think it’s going to be a winner.

Picasa will become Google photos and Blogger will rebrand to Google blogs. Imagine trying to rank for that keyword now!!

What I find interesting is that mashable went to Google for a statement on this issue and they declined to comment. I mean, something as huge as a rebrand and over haul warrants a comment right? Or is there something more going on then they wish to divulge? Google announced in March that the Blogger platform would be getting an over haul so why not comment on the big changes?

I don’t have those answers because I am just a lowly little blogger; can’t compete with the likes of the Google gods. :)

How do you think this will effect Blogger? If you don’t have a custom domain name when using the Blogger platform, your url is blah blah Will it now be; And how does this bode for links that have been built up? Will every blogger need a┬áredirect?

Again, I do not have the answers as I am not a tech guru…maybe you can help me out with those questions!


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  1. July 7, 2011 at 2:03 pm #

    Why am I not surprised. I heard once the Google Panda went into affect that Google had a lot more changes up their sleeve. Then came the PR update, Google +1 button, Google+ social site and now these two. Interesting… Just glad this won’t concern me because I don’t use either of those sites. But I do have several friends that still have blogger blogs so this will be interesting to see what happens.

    I just find it odd too that they didn’t want to comment on these upcoming changes. Guess they would rather stay mysterious and just shock everyone once it happens. Who knows.

    Thanks Lisa for this news..


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