10 Quick Twitter Tips (Video)

twitter tips, optimize twitterI don’t know about you, but I have read thousands of Twitter tips. I mean, I really have. Tweet this, don’t tweet that; tweet now not then…etc….. However, we always learn something new in our seach for information, right? I found this video touting ten quick Twitter tips and I must say, I heard some new ones. Bonus!

Anyone who says blogging and promoting your business is easy….well, they are nuts. It takes a lot of time and dedication to properly run this blog business. Any tips that we receive which help us to better optimize our tasks are most welcome in my book.

10 Quick Twitter Tips Video

So, have a look and listen to this video and determine if these are some new tips for you. Hear anything that makes sense? What I would really like is if you disagree with one of these tips; shout it out. Tell me why you disagree and how you can improve upon it.

As always, if you enjoyed the post/video, please share with the masses. :) I appreciate that always!

10 Quick Twitter Tips


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